Running a Commercial Food Business? Buy Wholesale, Pre-Prepared Potatoes and Put Your Business in the Fast Lane


Food preparation is a meticulous process that takes time and concentration. One of the most commonly prepared food items that require a lot of this concentration and time is potatoes. Unlike fruits, grains or green vegetables, potatoes have to be attended to one by one before they can find their way into a cooking pot. However, you can change all this by ordering wholesale, pre-prepared potatoes. This is ideal for businesses like hotels, cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, catering businesses, etc., for the following reasons:

Save time and get your meals ready on time

Time is money in a commercial food outlet. Pre-prepared potatoes come already cleaned and processed in any way you like. They can be pre-sliced for baking or pre-diced for stews, chips and mashing. They can also come simply peeled for your own preparation. Cleaned, unpeeled potatoes can also be availed too. In their pre-prepared state, all you have to do is add your potatoes to your meal. This saves you a lot of cleaning and preparation time, ensuring your meals are ready quickly.

Reduce labour costs and/or machinery costs

As you well know, potatoes preparation is a huge undertaking for any commercial food outlet. The process needs several workers or peeling machines to handle the job every single day. By sourcing your prepared potatoes externally, you can save on these labour costs. If using a machine peeler, you will enjoy forgoing the cost of buying and maintaining the peelers, as well as the energy bills brought about by them.

Concentrate on the cooking process

Although chopping and peeling are an integral part of the cooking process, it does take attention away from the main task at hand. By ordering your wholesale potatoes pre-prepared, you can focus fully on cooking your meals and ensuring that they satisfy your clients. Your suppliers will handle the preparation for you behind the scenes and deliver the potatoes ready to cook.

Reduce outgoing waste and keep your kitchen clean

All the peeling that comes from preparing potatoes has one unavoidable result—lots and lots of waste. However, by outsourcing prepared potatoes, you do not have to deal with the bagfuls of peelings. Your kitchen therefore churns out less waste and probably incurs less waste-management costs, too.

Does this sound beneficial to your business? If so, talk to a wholesale foods supplier and let them know what your needs are. You will have your ready-to-cook potatoes delivered in the amounts you want as per your arranged schedule.


14 December 2015

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