5 Tips to Follow When You're Ordering Pizza for a Larger Group

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Pizza is one of the most widely-loved foods out there, and getting a whole bunch of takeaway pizzas can perfectly satisfy even the largest of groups. Of course, there's more that can go wrong when you make a larger order.

If you need to order pizzas for a larger group, just follow the following five tips to make sure everyone gets what they want when they want it.

1. Plan and Order Ahead

Pizza delivery services are geared towards making hundreds of pizzas each night, but they aren't magicians. If they get a sudden order through for 20 pepperoni, they'll either be unable to fill it or only able to deliver in an hour or two. Avoid delays by working out how many people want pizza ahead of time. As a good rule of thumb, look to have three large slices of pizza for every person who is attending your event.  You can then call early in the day to place the order so the pizza team has enough time to put everything together.

2. Get the Right Ratio of Different Toppings

It can be tough to decide just what toppings you should pick out. In general, it's best to lean heavily towards plainer, more traditional options, then sprinkle in a few more exotic alternatives. The picky or unadventurous will be able to chow down on mozzarella or Hawaiian without worrying about exhausting the supply; the bold will be able to tackle the odder flavours.

3. Ask About Deals

When most pizza orders come through, they're usually only for a few people. This means that many outlets won't offer specific deals for larger groups on their leaflets or online. However, you can always ask when you ring them up. You might just find that a larger order will save you a significant sum.

4. Remember Allergies, Veggies, and Vegans

It isn't just the ratio of toppings you'll need to be concerned with — it's also vital that you cater for people with different nutritional needs. Veggies can be pretty easily satisfied, but it can sometimes be tough to accommodate vegans and people with certain allergies. Call around to see if you can find a pizza delivery service that can offer meals centred around those needs.

5. Eat All the Pizza Yourself

Offer to go collect the pizza when it arrives. Collect it. Keep walking. Hail a taxi. Get driven to a hotel. Eat all the pizza yourself. Live without regrets.


22 December 2016

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