How to Infuse Your Wedding Menu With Pinterest's 2018 Trends

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Did you know that social media giant Pinterest compiles a list of upward trending concepts each year? Their 2018 list features 10 foods that they expect to be big favourites, making them great choices for a wedding menu. Here are 3 food trends (and one bonus travel trend) you can incorporate into the catering on your big day. 

Moroccan Spice

Moroccan food is one of the biggest rises, with saves up a whopping 2579% for 2018. Moroccan seasonings are ideal for weddings because they're not too hot for spice-averse guests, but still awaken and invigorate the tastebuds. This cuisine can fit into any menu style, making it a great, versatile, on-trend choice. If you're having a buffet, opt for plenty of finger foods like olives, pita bread, and pasta salads. For sit-down meals, you can choose meat marinated in spices like cumin and cardamom or classic dishes like tajines (which can be vegetarian or meat-based) and pastilla, a rich fish or meat pie unique to the country. 


Alcohol has become a staple at weddings, but not every couple is keen on including it. If you want to stay true to expectations and traditions without having a boozy big day, why not opt for a mocktail bar? Mocktails are up 160% on Pinterest and satisfy tastebuds without getting guests drunk. You can serve a mixture of virgin versions of classic drinks (like rum-free margaritas and peach bellinis with lemonade or ginger ale) and new concoctions that fit your theme and flavour preferences.

Starter Soups

Stuck on starter ideas for a sit-down wedding meal? Consider going for a classic favourite: soup. While juicing was big in 2017, soup is the liquid of choice for 2018, trending 306% upwards. Soup may not be a common choice for a wedding starter, but there's no reason why is shouldn't be. Soups are easy to make in a variety of flavours, so you can offer guests a range of classic choices without breaking the bank, from cream of tomato to broccoli and Stilton. Alternatively, ask your caterer about designing one special soup that sets up your main course perfectly. Just make sure you have napkins in case of spills.

Bonus: River-Inspired Cuisine

If you love being on-trend but still want to think outside the box, why not look to one of 2018's travel trends for inspiration? River cruises have seen the biggest increase in Pinterest saves (346%), so why not bring those travel dreams to your wedding cuisine with a river-inspired seafood (or, rather, riverfood) menu? Freshwater, river fish are often underappreciated, so they'll make for unique catering. From smoked salmon hors d'oeuvres to thermidor made from river crayfish, there are plenty of options to choose from for buffet and sit-down wedding meals.


26 December 2017

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