3 best dishes to try when you go to a Szechuan Chinese restaurant

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Chinese restaurants have a range of different tastes and textures. Szechuan (sometimes written as Sichuan) cuisine comes from the south-west of China and is categorised by a spicy punch and liberal use of aromatics such as pepper and garlic. Here are 3 great dishes to try when you go to a Szechuan restaurant. 

Kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken is one of the best-known dishes from the Szechuan style of cooking. It is a spicy stir fried chicken dish with chilli, chicken, vegetable and peanuts for texture. It's a great example of the complexity of a hot dish, with layers of flavour being complemented rather than overwhelmed by the chilli. Genuine kung pao chicken has both Szechuan chilis and Szechuan peppercorns. This gives the dish a unique 'hot and numbing' effect where the mouth is numbed by the spices. This sensation one of the trademarks of traditional Szechuan cuisine. 

Dan Dan noodle soup

Many people who originally hail from the Szechuan region head back to this dish as part of their comfort food when ill. It's a simple soup made with noodles in a broth of stock and chilli oil. The soup can also feature a range of preserved vegetables and topped with minced pork or beef, peanuts and seasonal vegetables such as minced spring onions. In some cases, sesame paste or peanut butter is added as the warm, rich and slightly sweet taste coats the noodles and provides a balance to the sharp, spicy and salty base of the soup. 

Tea smoked duck

If you are not a fan of the spicy dishes, Szechuan cuisine also has some delicate and subtle dishes such as tea-smoked duck. The duck is rubbed with a mix of salt, peppers and garlic in a wine base for several hours. It is blanched quickly in boiling water, then smoked cooked over a fire of tea leaves, camphor and other aromatic leaves for up to 10 minutes. The dish is finally deep fried to preserve the subtle taste in the meat of the duck. This is a great dish to fully appreciate the subtleties of the cuisine. 

No matter what kind of dish you prefer, you can find some great options at a Szechuan Chinese restaurant (like Sun Wah Restaurant & Function Centre). Whether you are looking to expand your taste horizons or simply enjoy an old favourite, isn't tonight a great night to head out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.


30 March 2016

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