Five tips for hiring a catering service on a budget


When catering for an event, most budget conscious event planners wants to keep the food quality high while the price remains low. If you're hiring a catering service, check out these five tips to help you prevent a budget blowout.

Opt for a buffet-style meal

Instead of trying to cater for your guests with table service, a buffet-style meal will save you considerable money on wait staff. Buffets are an increasingly popular catering choice for weddings, parties and other informal events, as it is a budget-friendly way to provide your guests with variety. Most professional caterers have small tabletop chafing dishes that can be used to keep hot foods at the right temperature for serving, and with a little decorative preparation you can make your buffet look sophisticated without spending a fortune. Work with your caterer to create the ideal selection of self-service friendly foods for your buffet.

Set the table yourself

The cost of hiring table linens, place settings, silverware and glassware can increase your catering bill considerably. To save money in this area, consider providing your own table settings with items that you either own, borrow or hire from a local event hire business. Supplying these items yourself may create a unique eclectic, homespun feel- embrace this situation by hosting a shabby chic themed event!

Plan your event outside of meal times

A great way to save money on event catering is to host an event in between traditional meal times. A morning wedding with a shared brunch meal at the reception will cost you significantly less for both the food bill and the food preparation costs. A late-night event can be catered for with a delightful assortment of desserts and aperitifs. Get creative and work with your caterer to provide your guests with a unique spread of light food that will impress your guests and meet your budget.

Supply your own alcohol

Alcohol is much cheaper when bought in bulk or purchased from a wholesaler, rather than from the catering service. A simple selection of two or three wines and beers to choose from will keep your costs down. To take the stress out of oversupplying, ask your liquor supplier if you can return bottles or cartons that are unopened after your event. If you're looking for something special, visit your local winery or brewery to offer your guests an assortment of craft beers or home-grown wines without blowing your budget.

Take control of dessert

Save on the cost of dessert catering by preparing a selection of desserts yourself for the event. Alternatively, have a handful of guests bring a dessert plate to share- it's a great way to reduce your catering bill while making your guests feel involved in the event preparation process.

To discuss how to make your event's catering meet your budget, contact your local professional catering service (like Essentially Gourmet) for expert information and advice.


7 April 2016

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