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Pool parties are a great way to take advantage of the sunshine and spend some time with friends and family outdoors. Here are some tips on catering a pool party to keep it fun and classy, while generating minimal waste for you have to clean up after the guests have left. 

Fruit kebabs

It can be nice to have fruit but they can often be hard to handle as finger food as they often need to be peeled and can result in a lot of rubbish. Plates can also be hard to balance around the pool, especially if the guests are also holding drinks at the same time. Fruit kebabs, with small chunks of fruit skewered on a bamboo skewer, can be a good way to serve seasonal fruits that are ready to eat and only generate a small amount of waste that can easily be discarded. 

Icy poles

In the hot weather, people often don't feel like eating much solid food. Why not create some icy poles out or your favourite smoothie recipe using yoghurts, fruits and even pureed vegetables such as spinach. Having your green smoothie in an icy pole can be a great option for a healthy partygoer at a pool party! 

If you are feeling a little more indulgent, you can even make some boozy icy poles such as champagne pops which berry puree. They are very decadent and wonderfully cooling on a warm day. 

Rice paper rolls

If you are looking for something a little more substantial, cold rice paper rolls can be filled with noodles, protein such as tofu, prawns or grilled meats and vegetables. These are traditionally served cool with a spicy dipping sauce. These rolls can be customised entirely to how spicy the guest might like them and can easily be eaten with one hand. They also generate little waste to have to clean up after the event. 

Crispy treats

It can also be good to have some crunchy and salty treats that won't get soft in the sun. You can have some plates of corn chips and potato chips on offer for people who want to have some light snacks by the poolside. 

If you don't have the time or energy to prepare these treats, it can often be helpful to get a catering service to provide the food for the event. This can leave you free to enjoy the party! 


14 June 2016

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