Cake Shop | 3 Nifty Tips To Turn Your Child's Birthday Cake Into The Biggest Party Attraction


Throwing a birthday party for your kids can be incredibly stressful with so many elements to plan. From themes and guest lists to food and drinks, there's just so much to think of that so many people end up overlooking the importance of a birthday cake for kids and choose something as an afterthought. Birthday cake is a key part of the celebration, so follow these nifty tips to turn your child's birthday cake into the biggest party attraction when selecting it at the cake shop.

Coordinate Cake With Party Theme

If you're throwing a kids party with a specific theme, then the cake will stand out if it fits into the overall idea. For instance, a cake decorated with animals for a safari-themed birthday party will make it stand out in attractiveness. For a superhero-themed party, the kids are bound to get excited when Superman or Spiderman pops out of the cake. A princess-themed party would look even more phenomenal when you bring out a cake adorned with royal princesses. Make sure you get the cake shop to colour coordinate the birthday cake to your child's outfit within the overall theme for a dazzling finish.

Make Sure You Choose A Popular Flavour

Kids are kids, so certain flavours are bound to be more appealing to them than others. There's no point of getting too creative with birthday cake flavours for kids parties because it may end up disappointing them when they were simply looking for firm favourites like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. You can also never go wrong with ice cream cakes, especially if the birthday boy or girl is a big fan of ice cream. You may want to avoid too many exotic flavours because while this may be a good idea for adult parties, children will want something they are more familiar with.

Size Matters With Kids

Kids care about the small things that adults don't concern themselves with anymore, so if you really want the birthday cake to make an impact on the party, choose a big birthday cake. Whether or not you choose different shapes and textures, keep in mind that most kids love the idea of a big cake because it makes them feel important with their friends. So if you really want to please your child on his/her birthday, choose a cake size that makes a strong impact.

Before placing your order at the cake shop, consider these nifty tips to turn your child's birthday cake into the biggest attraction at the party.


27 July 2016

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