Finding a New Market for Your Wine


Over the last few years, there has been an impressive amount of investment in the Australian wine industry. However, some small producers are finding that it is hard for them to find a market for their product at a price that reflects the cost of production due to some oversupply. Here are some ways to find new markets for your wine. 

Align yourself with international wine suppliers

There is still a large amount of demand overseas for Australian wines. Australian wines can attract a premium in local Asian markets so it can be very effective to get aligned with international wine suppliers. Consider visiting an Asian wine conference and offering tastings to buyers in order to show them that you have a quality product. It is a good idea to price the costs of sending your wine into each regional centre before you go so that you can offer a full priced model for them to consider. 

Enter your wine for consideration with airlines

Many airlines offer regular open tasting sessions where you can enter wines for consideration. These can be a great opportunity for an independent wine supplier to get a large volume contract. as well as getting exposure to a huge number of corporate and leisure travellers each week. Be sure to check the volumes that each airline requires as these can be substantial and you need to make sure that you can deliver the amounts that they require regularly. 

Research local wine suppliers and sign up with the most successful group

Wine suppliers often have existing contact networks with local cafes and restaurants and these can be hard to penetrate as an independent producer. It can be useful to review your existing wine supply contacts and align yourself with a local supplier with a strong network. This can often help people to try your wines at restaurants and venues, which can lead to extra sales down the line.

They can also give you advice on rewriting your marketing materials and product descriptions, which can help to make your products more attractive to retail buyers either directly through your website or in bottle stores. 

If you are looking to find some new markets for your independently produced wine it can be useful to expand your search and align yourself with useful contacts in the industry. Why not get in contact with a wine supplier to discuss how you can grow your market?


29 July 2016

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